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  • Why SUP?

    Why SUP? | 5 Reasons to Try Paddling We know the looks too well–from searing smirks of dissatisfaction, to curious eyes flashing with amazement–those who don’t standup paddle seem to see us as silly, kooks, yuppies, burdens, etc. They may look on and judge, but that’s just because they haven’t ever felt the unequivocal joys […]

  • SUP is the New Rage and Here’s Why You Should Try It

    Stand-up paddleboarding is the hottest craze, taking the world by storm as the world’s fastest-growing watersport. Why? Simply because it’s so darn relaxing. Less focused on the action and more on spending quality time in the great outdoors, SUP is something everyone wants to try. And it’s a whole lot easier than it looks! Stand-up […]

  • Fun in the Ocean

    1. Fun in the Sun (Ocean): Stand up paddle allows you to have fun in the sun! It feels good to spend countless hours floating on the water soaking up the vitamin D. Some even love the benefits of a healthy tan and getting that sun kissed glow on their skin. 2. Paddle Almost Anywhere: […]

  • Updated gallery from Galway bowl mission

  • We are open for Bank Holiday August 1st

    We are open tomorrow for lessons as usual. We are happy to be open again for our normal opening hours. We have had probably one of our quietist Julys to date, this have been slow the past few weeks. Now I know I’ve been closed Monday – Thursday on my wild mission to Galway taking […]

  • We love it all that has to do with electric too: MAXFIND FF BELT Built For Performance!

    Best electric skateboard for 2022 28 Mph / 45 Kph 25-75 Miles / 40-120 Km 35% Slope BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE Instant Acceleration The FF BELT is your dream high-performance electric skateboard with attention to detail in every turn, including FF BELT’s exclusive 3000W high-performance belt motor for higher speed and lightning-fast acceleration. SUPER COMFORTABLE RIDING […]

  • We love all that has to do with boards: Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

    Evolve electric skateboards are the #1 electric skateboard brand in the World. Boasting incredibly engineered models and nothing shy of the best specifications, these e-boards are customer favorites country wide. The Evolve Stoke is Evolve’s best selling mini board. Built for incredible maneuvering this e-board remains light ad agile when carving through the streets. Boasting […]

  • Why Is Longboarding So Popular (and Is It a Good Way to Get Around)?

    Why Is Longboarding So Popular (and Is It a Good Way to Get Around)? Longboarding is extremely popular because it is a great way to go around from one place to another. Apart from this, longboarding is also a very entertaining and relaxing activity to do. You can ride your longboard from short-distance trips to […]

  • Zero Gravity – Expanding park!

    Final missions in Galway to take apart this bowl I’m 25 years in the extreme sports industry, all my life dreaming of my own indoor park, 10 years in plan, and 7.5 years trading!. It’s a tough businesss at the best of times, and believe me sometimes the weight is on my shoulders heavy. But […]

  • E-FISE Junior By Hot Wheels | 2022

    E-FISE Junior By Hot Wheels Returns! If you’re under 16 and enjoy Roller, BMX, Skateboard or Scooter this contest is for you. Film a 1-minute video and upload it on the website. Contest opens 17 AUGUST so start preparing your videos! Source