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Our public sessions are for intermediate – advanced riders. These sessions can be very active with big tricks so a little experience is needed to take part in these sessions. All our riders are more than happy to help anyone just joining the public sessions, just ask for tips and tricks as we are always here to provide help and assistance while you skate. If you are unsure at anytime please ask a member of staff for help.


Always ride within your ability when using Zero Gravity Skatepark, and you skate Zero Gravity Skatepark facility fully at your own risk.

All skate and safety equipment is provided by Zero Gravity for the week, please bring a light lunch, plenty of water and good grippy footwear is needed. 
For bookings please book with the buttons below or phone us at 086 1601220.


  • Skatepark etiquette must be followed
  • Please always look left and right before you skate
  • Priority must be given to people skating on the ramps
  • Always be aware of other riders in the skatepark
  • No dropping in on riders or snaking people
  • Do not hang your equipment over the ramp transitions
  • No wax, if you feel wax is needed please contact a member of staff
  • Be nice, be safe. Any tips or questions we are always here to help

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